Active Warrants

  1. Active Warrants

Administration Citizen Information

  1. Fee Schedule (PDF)

  2. Yearly County Budget (PDF)

Attorney's Office - Criminal

  1. Minnesota Sentencing Guidelines Commission

Community Corrections Resources

  1. Community Corrections Advisory Board (CCAB)

County Budgets

  1. most recent county budget.

Economic Development- Chambers

  1. Faribault

  2. Lonsdale

  3. Northfield

Economic Development- Cities

  1. Dundas

  2. Faribault

  3. Lonsdale

  4. Northfield

Economic Development- Training

  1. Minnesota Workforce Center Faribault

Extension-University of Minnesota

  1. University of Minnesota Extension - Rice County

Jail Lists

  1. Rice County Jail List

MNDOT Right of Way Mapping

  1. MNDOT Right of Way Mapping

Sheriff - Public Finger Printing Services

  1. Public Finger Printing Services (PDF)