Can I complete an online job application in advance of a job opening?
Yes. It’s a great way to have your complete personal profile, education and work experience information ready for the next Rice County job opening that you are interested in. It is also easy to do. To create your “Job Application” information for future:
- Go to
- Click on the Career Seekers tab at the top of the page.
- Enter your Username and Password or follow the instructions to create a new account if you do not have one.
- Click on the “Create Application” button and follow the instructions. You can create an application (or you can modify one) and it will remain stored in the system for your future use. You can create and modify as many applications as you wish.

When you apply for jobs with the Rice County, you will use the same Username and Password you created at

Your ready-made applications will be waiting for you to use. Simply choose which one you want to use, fill out the agency-wide questionnaire and any supplemental questions required for the particular position and submit the application.Visit

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8. Can I complete an online job application in advance of a job opening?
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