I see new roads on the plan. Who's building those?

The Board of Commissioners on Feb. 22, 2022 approved a contract to complete engineering for new sections of two existing roads: a stretch of First Avenue will run north-south just west of the new safety center and connect to Ames Trail, and the westernmost segment of the planned East View Drive that will run from the roundabout to a dead end in front of the safety center. 

Both sections of roadway will be built to city of Faribault design standards. When complete, they will be turned over to the city as public roads. Funding to pay for construction will come from the county's existing highway budget.

Faribault city leaders have discussed extending East View Drive from Hwy. 3 to the existing segment off 14th Street NE, to create a major east-west connector on the city’s north side.

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7. I see new roads on the plan. Who's building those?
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