I am a victim. How can I be compensated for my loss?
The sentencing judge as a condition of the defendant's probation or prison term can order restitution (payment of financial losses). Your request for restitution must be in writing; it must list the items for which you are requesting restitution, the dollar amount requested, and the reasons for your request. The Rice County Attorney's Office will assist you in preparing your restitution request. Your request must be signed and submitted to the "Clerk of Court" at the courthouse where the sentencing will be held. If you need additional information about your restitution request, please contact our Victim Witness Program at 507-332-5934.

You or others may be eligible for compensation for some of your economic loss from the Minnesota Crime Victims Reparations Board. Economic loss may include medical-related expenses, psychological-related expenses, loss of income, childcare services, loss of support, and burial expenses. This board can only pay restitution for person crimes such as murder, assault and robbery. They cannot pay for property crimes such as criminal damage to property, theft, or forgery. For further information visit the Minnesota Crime Victims Reparations Board.

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