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Posted on: May 17, 2023

Your challenge: Stop wasting and win

Food to good to waste

Too good sidebarEvery year, around 81 million tons of food ($408 billion in 2019) is wasted in the United States alone, an amount so large it would take one person 8 million years to eat it all.

By making simple changes, it’s estimated that a family of four can save up to $2,275 on their grocery bill annually.

So, what can be done to cut back on all that waste, and reduce the economic and ecological impacts it creates while having a bit of fun?

 The answer: a six-week challenge. Food: Too Good to Waste, hosted by Rice County, will offer easy-to-implement solutions and help reduce residential food waste.

The challenge runs Monday, May 22 through Sunday, July 2.

During the challenge, participants will use different strategies, sent by Rice County’s Minnesota GreenCorps member, to help reduce food waste. Topics include creating meal plans and shopping lists, food storage and food preparation tips as well as composting and food labels.

Residents who complete the challenge will be entered to win a backyard compost tumbler, which helps accelerate the breakdown of organic material.

There will be additional opportunities for participants to win other prizes simply by attending an event such as a farmers market, webinar on composting or game night, or volunteering at a local food shelf. 

For more information and to sign up for the Food: Too Good to Waste challenge, visit

Emily Dresbach, Minnesota GreenCorps Member 
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Julie Runkel, Environmental Services Director
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Suzy Rook, Communications Coordinator
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It's estimated a family of 4 can save $2,275 an
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