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January 27, 2023 4:24 PM

Change to Northfield office hours

Rice County's Northfield office at 1651 Jefferson Parkway is temporarily open by appointment only.

WIC clinics will be held the first Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of the month. Call 507-332-5906 for more information.

Other Public Health meetings by appointment. 507-332-6111

• Veterans Services Officer Tracy McBroom will continue her regular time. Call that office's receptionist at 507-332-6117 to make an appointment or to notify Tracy that you've arrived.

• Social Services Main Phone Tree: 1-507-332-6115 for language assistance & items not listed below
• Financial Unit Direct 1-507-332-5995 (Food, Cash, Daycare) Email questions and submit documents to [email protected])
• MNsure Unit Direct 1-507-384-6460 (Health care questions)
Health care questions only: [email protected]
Verifications & documents: [email protected]
• Health care Access (reimbursement for mileage and other approved expenses): Direct 1-507-321-4969 or [email protected]
Calls are returned in the order received. Expect a call back within 48 hours.

To request applications or have forms mailed to you , call 507-332-6200 or email [email protected]

• Child Support Intake: 1-507-384-6415 [email protected]
• Child Protection Concerns 1-507-332-6200 (Faribault Reception)
• Vulnerable Adults concerns go to the Minnesota Adult Abuse Reporting Center 1-884-880-1574

For the following, call 1-507-332-6115 to access our phone tree or email the addresses listed below:
• Social Services Intake: (Case Management, Therapy, General information and Referrals) [email protected]
• Guardianship/Conservatorship: [email protected]
• Waivered Services Assessments: [email protected]
• Accounting Services (healthcare reimbursement and invoices/vouchers): [email protected]

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