Local Transit Sales and Use Tax

County Road 76 pavingProceeds from a ½-cent sales tax first approved by the Rice County Board of Commissioners in September 2013 have helped pay for needed county transportation projects. Those funds have made a significant difference in the number of county roads and bridges that have been upgraded, enhanced and made safer since the funds first became available.

The tax applies to sales throughout Rice County though basic necessities -- food and clothing -- prescription drugs and motor vehicles are excluded.

As of April 30, 2023, the tax has brought in nearly $34.5 million, according to county figures. In 2022 alone, the county collected $4.9 million.

As per the Board of Commissioners' original Sept. 10, 2013, resolution and a Feb. 14, 2023, resolution, the funding helps pay for road and drainage improvements identified in the county Highway Department's Capital Improvement Plan (TIP) and approved by the Board of Commissioners.

2023-32 Approved TIP
2023-32 Approved TIP map

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