Deputy Terry Hanson, #116

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Terry HansonTerry Hanson, a Rice County deputy for eight years and Faribault Police officer for 13, was 48 when he suffered a fatal heart attack following a high-speed chase on March 11, 1994.
The chase began on Fourth Street in Faribault about 12 minutes after the suspect vehicle was reported stolen. Hanson spotted the SUV and engaged in harrowing chase as the teenage suspects fled the city.
The chase, which lasted about 15 minutes, ended at a police roadblock on Hwy. 60 near Sakatah Lake State Park west of Morristown.
Hanson was the first Rice County Sheriff’s deputy to die in the line of duty.
Hanson is survived by his wife, Noreen, and three children.

Southeast Minnesota Law Enforcement Memorial

Noreen Hanson SE LE memorial ceremony 2022

Both Liebenstein and Hanson, along with three Faribault officers who served in the late 19th century, are among those who will be honored on the Southeast Minnesota Law Enforcement Memorial
The memorial, under construction in Rochester, will honor fallen officers who served in municipal, state, federal and military agencies in 13 southeast Minnesota counties, including Rice.