Project advertisements & bidding

Road constructionTo view plan holders, download bidding documents and view bid results, visit Current Bidding Projects

Rice County has designated its website,, as the Official Publication for Transportation Projects as allowed by MN Statute 331A.12. Notice to be published in its official newspaper, January of respected year.

Official publications of Advertisements for Bids of Transportation construction projects will be done on the official website.

Online bidding

Rice County only solicits by public notice for transportation project bids on the Rice County webpage and eAdvert website

For most transportation projects requiring competitive sealed bids, the Highway Department facilitates bidding through OneOffice. There is no cost to register or download the project documents. Project documents may also be viewed in person at the Rice County Highway Department office.

To become a registered plan holder, bidders must create an account at ConneX.

For transportation projects that require electronic bids, submit a bid through bidVAULT in OneOffice.