Zoning Ordinance Revisions

The purpose of the Rice County Zoning Ordinance is to:

  • Implement the Rice County Comprehensive Land Use Plan
  • Protect the public health, safety, comfort, convenience and general welfare
  • Protect and preserve agricultural land
  • Promote orderly development of residential, commercial, industrial, recreational and public areas
  • Conserve the natural and scenic beauty and attractiveness of the County
  • Conserve the natural resources in the County including wetlands and woodlands
  • Provide for the compatibility of different land uses and the most appropriate use of land throughout the County
  • Minimize environmental pollution
Input Requested

With the adoption of the 2040 Rice County Comprehensive Plan, one of the next step is to update all relevant land use ordinances to be consistent with the new comprehensive plan. The plan is to review items by first, focusing on those needing minor refinement or relatively short discussions, followed by looking at those needing more complex analysis with more in-depth longer discussions. The County's goal is to hold a series of joint work sessions, that will include members from both the Rice County Board of Commissioners and members of the Rice County Planning Commission, to discuss and propose revisions to the Rice County Zoning Ordinance.

Rice County invites citizens to provide input on potential Zoning Ordinance revisions by clicking on the Your Input is Requested image off to the right or by emailing comments to [email protected].

To view the current Rice County Zoning Ordinance by chapter, please go to our Rice County Zoning Ordinance page or click on the Rice County Zoning Ordinance logo at the top of the page.

Rice County Zoning Ordinance

Next Work Sessions:

                                                      November 17, 2022 @ 6:00p          

Government Services Building, Commissioner's Room

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