Reporting for jury duty

Call in procedure

Rice County has a “call in” system to inform jurors when their services will be required. The jury tape runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Instructions and the call in phone number are included in the jury questionnaire packet jurors receive in the mail.

Where to report

First day jurors are instructed what time to report on the jury call in line. On subsequent days, jurors will be advised what time to report. Please be prompt. One late juror can waste the time of the many persons involved in a trial. Generally, your day will be completed between 4:30 - 5 p.m.

Cell phones/pagers

Cell phones and pagers are not allowed in the courtrooms or in the jury room during deliberations. All cell phones and pagers will be required to be checked with the jury bailiffs or the Court Administrator’s office.

What to bring

Jury service can entail some waiting time in the Jury Assembly Room, while you wait for assignment to the courtroom. You may want to bring reading materials, stationery, etc.

Tobacco use

Rice County grounds and parking lots are tobacco free. Tobacco products that are prohibited include cigarettes, chewing tobacco and electronic cigarettes. When on the Courthouse grounds, as a courtesy, there are three cigarette receptacles located next to the south and east city sidewalks.