Rice County Extension Committee

Regular meetingsSoybean field - Unsplash - by Meredith Petrick

  • 5 p.m.
  • 2022 schedule: Tuesday, March 22, and Wednesday, May 25; Sept. 21 and Nov. 16
  • 4-H Building
    Rice County Fairgrounds
    1900 Fairground Dr. #17, Faribault
  • Staff member: Lisa Dierks, Regional Director, University of Minnesota Extension


  • Charlie Peters, Chair 
  • Clarice DeGrood 
  • Sandra Fuchs
  • Kristin Harner 
  • Art Madsen 
  • Grace Martin
  • Jeff Docken, Commissioner
  • Jim Purfeerst, Commissioner 
  • Denise Anderson, Auditor's Office


The Rice County Board of Commissioners appoints citizen representatives to serve on the Rice County Extension Advisory Committee. The membership, terms and functions are set by Minnesota Statute 38.36.


The Rice County Extension Advisory Committee serves in an advisory capacity to the Rice County Board of Commissioners in developing, maintaining and providing educational extension programs to the residents of Rice County.

Membership and terms

The Extension Advisory Committee must have nine members. Two members must be county commissioners appointed by the county board. The County Auditor or the auditor's designee must be a member. If the county has no office of auditor, the county board shall appoint a member from the county administration. Six members must be appointed at-large by the county board as provided in this section. The county board at its annual meeting shall appoint for a term of three years the number of members required to fill the memberships on that committee expiring at that time. Members may only serve three consecutive terms for a total of nine years.

Committee Reports