Adult mental health 

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Serious & Persistent Mental Illness

Social workers and mental health professionals work directly with adults with a serious and persistent mental illness, providing and arranging for services such as case management, community support, crisis intervention, therapy, in-home therapy, and/or placement for treatment.

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South Central Mobile Crisis Team

The South Central Mobile Crisis Team is available 24/7 and is able to respond to all counties within the region, which includes Rice County. The team is able to meet with people that are experiencing a mental health or emotional crisis that includes

  • Feelings of stress or feeling overwhelmed
  • Plans or thoughts of hurting yourself or others
  • Suddenly finding it difficult to complete normal daily activities due to stress or other symptoms
  • Increase or change in symptoms such as mood, anxiety or panic attacks, hallucinations, or delusions

The team offers

  • Problem solving and coping strategies
  • Referrals to other local services to provide ongoing support
  • Family education and support
  • Brief ongoing support

Copeland Center for Wellness and Recovery

Wellness Recovery Action Plan is a personalized wellness and recovery system born out of and rooted in the principle of self-determination. 

WRAP® is a wellness and recovery approach that helps people to: 1) decrease and prevent intrusive or troubling feelings and behaviors; 2) increase personal empowerment; 3) improve quality of life; and 4) achieve their own life goals and dreams.

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