Adult services/vulnerable adults

Services are available for those persons who are experiencing difficulty living independently and are unable to provide for their own needs. The Adult Service Section includes the target population of vulnerable adults.

Adult services can also apply to other target populations: developmentally disabled, emotionally disturbed, mentally ill, chemically dependent and others who have not previously been identified in other target populations. Services provided include case management, independent living services, foster care and adult protection, a pre-petition screening service, and assistance with guardianships and conservatorships.

Disability services

Case managers work directly with families and those with intellectual and physical disabilities to meet their health and safety needs. Social workers coordinate and manage services for children and adults living at home or in the community, including referrals to service providers and community involvement.

Case management for those with developmental disabilities and/or a related condition are those who meet the definitions in the Minnesota Rule 952516

Social Services manages four Medicaid funded Home and Community Based Waivers. These include the Developmental Disabilities (DD), the Community Alternatives for Disabled Individuals (CADI), Community Alternative Care (CAC) and the Brain Injury (BI) waivers.

Vulnerable adults

Rice County Adult Protective Services (APS) Prioritization Guidelines


Report suspected adult abuse.