Notary Public Information


Visit the Minnesota Secretary of State Notary Public site to apply for a Notary Public license.

Once you have received your commission certificate you will need to

  • Register your signature in the county of your residence
  • Appear in person with your Notary Public License
  • Pay $20 cash or check made payable to Rice County Recorder

Seek legal advice for interpretation of Minnesota Statutes in regard to Notaries and Notary Acts.


Rules while acting as a notary

A complete acknowledgement needs to include the word "acknowledged" or "personally appeared" and must be dated.

Marital status is required unless the people are signing as a partner or for a company trust, etc. In those instances, the title and business name are required.

If individuals are signing as individuals and for a corporation, they need to sign twice and be acknowledged twice; once as individuals and once as their title and business name.

A Minnesota notary stamp must include a seal and a legible expiration date.

NOTE: Sign and stamp on blank space so your stamp is legible, not on top of any print or signatures.

For more information, visit the Notary Public at the Secretary of State's website.