Highway Department policies

Plat development review

The Rice County Highway Department Plat/Development Review is a collaborative process between the county Highway, and Planning and Zoning departments which recognizes and supports planned and orderly development, and redevelopment within the county.

Safe and efficient highways

Vital to accommodating development is a strong infrastructure system, which includes the county highway system. It is important that the county highway system be improved and maintained to be a viable transportation network.

A safe and efficient highway system is not only essential for the traveling public, but also the economic vitality of local communities and businesses. Maintaining this safe and efficient highway system can best be achieved through the combined efforts of city, township and county planning and zoning actions, and our development review process.

Economic and efficient development

Our goal is to help make the development process as economical and efficient as possible. The Plat/Development Review Committee process has been developed and is intended to provide an advisory review of the development proposal through a sketch plan without incurring major costs.

Review process
This information is designed to help clarify the Highway Department's review process and provide the framework for achieving timely and agreeable development reviews. It includes three sections:

When to apply, review process and basis of review - This section guides readers through what actions trigger a development proposal review, steps in the review process, and the major content items that will be considered when reviewing the proposed development. 

Plat/development review committee application - The application form that must be submitted for the development proposal to be reviewed.

Plat/development review committee application submittal requirements - Items must be prepared and submitted for an application to considered complete. This information serves as the basis for discussions between the developer, county, city/township and Minnesota Department of Transportation, when appropriate.

Plat/Development Review Committee documents

The County Highway Department is the primary contact throughout the review and approval process. The county Planning and Zoning Department may also be involved to review land use and permit approval requirements.

Snow removal policies

The Rice County Highway Department staff strive to provide the safest winter driving conditions possible. Refer to the Snow and Ice Control Policy form to learn all about the snow policies in Rice County.

Help Us Help You

  • Remove vehicles from the streets when it snows.
  • Do not plow snow from private drives onto county roads.
  • Snow and ice removal is a difficult and time-consuming job. Patience is appreciated as county staff works to restore the streets to safe winter driving conditions.

Title VI Plan for MnDOT FHWA subrecipient 

It is the policy of Rice County that no person shall on the grounds of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, or age, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination in any operation of Rice County as provided by Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and related statutes.

Find the policy here.


For information on the policies for adopting a highway, refer to the county's Adopt-a-Highway page.