Property Taxes

Department Overview

Responsible for administering and ensuring compliance with applicable statutes in the areas of property taxes, elections and various licenses.

Property Taxes

  • Calculates rates and extends property taxes
  • Prepares and distributes Property Tax and Mobile Home Tax statements, and Truth in Taxation notices
  • Collects and distributes property taxes and special assessments
  • Places delinquent property tax parcels into judgment, administers forfeiture proceedings and sales
  • Collects delinquent mobile home and personal property taxes using revenue recapture, bank levies and other allowed methods


Issues county liquor licenses through the Minnesota Alcohol and Gambling Enforcement Division.

Issues and/or processes other licenses including:

  • Cigarette & Tobacco Licenses
  • Auctioneer Licenses
  • Transient Merchant Licenses
  • Fireworks Display Licenses
  • Large Gathering Permits
  • Charitable Gambling Licenses
  • Precious Metal Licenses