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Certificates of Location of Government Corners may be downloaded from the Beacon website.

Public Land Survey System coordinates are available on Beacon under the following layer; Elevation and Survey – PLS Coordinates. Rice County does not guarantee the accuracy of this data.


The Rice County Recorder’s Office has scanned:

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  • 1,166 recorded plats
  • 789,492 Abstract documents
  • 60,375 Torrens documents

These records may be accessed through the LandShark system.

Rice County charges LandShark users a monthly subscription fee of $50.00 with a $2.00 per document fee. There is also an initial set-up fee of $50. If you would like to create a LandShark account, please contact the Recorder’s office. If you have already have a LandShark account, you can log into your account by visiting the LandShark Log In page.

For more information about LandShark, view the LandShark About page.