Online permitting

Barn constructionAll building and zoning permit applications for projects located in unincorporated areas of Rice County (except for those located in Bridgewater Township) must be submitted through the county's online permitting system.

To apply for a permit, visit

Note: Internet Explorer is not recommended with Rice County's online permitting system. For an optimal experience, use a different browser.

For more information on the county's online permitting system, read the Frequently Asked Questions or call 507-332-6113.

For information on permits in Bridgewater Township, call 507-645-1656, email [email protected] or visit

Electrical permits are available online through the state of Minnesota's Electrical Permits website.

Building permits

Building, remodeling or adding a structure to a property requires a building permit. Find fact sheets on all the county's building permits on the Building Division page.

Exterior maintenance and mechanical/fireplace/wood stove permit fees are paid for and issued at the time of application. All other building permits require payment of an initial application fee and a second invoice based on project type and size. Building permits are issued after staff reviews are complete – a process that typically takes 10-15 working days – and the second invoice is paid. Demolition permits are free.

Zoning permits

Fact sheets on each type of zoning permit, including variances, conditional use permits, plat permits and zoning permits can be found on the Planning & Zoning page. All zoning permit fees must be paid at the time of application.

Variance requests are heard by the Board of Adjustment. All other zoning permits are reviewed by the Planning Commission and sent to the Board of Commissioners for its consideration. Application deadlines and dates for those meetings can be found here.

Permitting forms