Environmental Health

The Environmental Health division administers the Rice County Sewage and Wastewater Treatment ordinance, which involves reviewing individual and community wastewater treatment system designs, issuing permits for those systems and inspecting the installation of the systems to ensure code requirements are met. 

Environmental Health staff are providing on-site inspection services for septic system installations and soil verifications as outlined in the On-Site Wastewater Inspections during COVID-19 Outbreak document.

Other responsibilities

  • Emergency preparedness and response
  • Grant programs
  • Public Health nuisance complaints
  • Solid waste issues, air quality issues
  • Water quality issues
Residents looking to obtain a water test kit can purchase one by ordering online directly from the Olmsted County website.

NOTE: Samples must be received within 28 hours of collection or they will be rejected.

For more information, visit the Water Testing page.

Email the Southeastern Minnesota Water Analysis Laboratory or call 507-328-7495, if you have questions regarding water testing, how to receive a kit and/or how to return a test kit.

For questions or concerns relating to Environmental Health, contact Marilee DeGroot, 507-332-6170 or [email protected].

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